The War of the Blood Elves — Dulturi Renegades

Tobias Fletcher, Human Head Councilor Elven Dialogue between the Blood Elf Rebellions and Other-Elven Ventures, "The Elves are at each others' throats. On some occasions literally. They are breaking down each other at every turn. Diplomacy has nearly fled. Children and Non-Combat personnel have actually begun evacuating. Staging grounds at Valkagia, headed by High King Starqq, and Intorian, headed by King Judicarian, are being set up in response to refugee traffic.

This is a major call to all able bodied combatants. We need you. If things come to war, there will be too much at stake, too many lives in way of harm. Don't let collateral damage run rampant; don't let fear inhibit your duty to a peaceful realm.


Tobias Fletcher — Human Head Councilor"

Oracle: War of the Blood Elves (Currere in Lamura)

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